The B Impact Assessment (BIA)

How companies interact with our standards

  • Why is it important?

    Everyone working at B Lab should understand our work, regardless of role. Going through the B Impact Assessment will give you a better perspective of what companies experience when they engage with our tools, processes, and standards.

  • What is the BIA?

    The B Impact Assessment is a digital tool that can help measure, manage, and improve positive impact performance for environment, communities, customers, suppliers, employees, and shareholders.

  • How does it work?

    The B Impact Assessment involves answering a series of questions about a company's practices and outputs across five categories: governance, workers, community, the environment, and customers. A minimum verified score of 80 points on the assessment is one of the requirements for B Corp Certification.

Get Ready

Be prepared to take the assessment as if you were a company applying for certification. You will answer the questions in the BIA from the perspective of that company.

  • Think about a company you know well or make one up; it helps to pick a small company.

  • It is recommended that you spend 45-60 min. on this activity.

  • Don't plan to finish. Pick the areas you are most interested in to see what kind of questions are asked.

  • You can jump around to different sections and answer questions in any order.

Take the Assessment

Before you begin:

  • Watch this short video by B Lab US/Canada to understand how the BIA works with B Corp Certification.

Next, get started!  

  • Here's the link to the BIA using our staging site.  This is where we do our testing before we make changes to our public site so feel free to play around; your data won't be kept long-term.  
  • Use your B Lab email to create an account and begin the process.
  • If the site is unavailable, just try again later because it means we're testing things out. 
  • You can stop at any point and come back later using the same account you created.

Follow Up

After you experience the BIA, learn more about its structure and scoring and the overall certification process